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This program will solve (most) standard sudoku puzzles. I say "most" instead of "all" because this version of the solver relies on logic-only solving. If "brute force" (that is, guessing) is ever required, the solver will get stuck. I do not consider that a disadvantage.

I developed this program as part of creating the website Sudoku Place, which was my first "modern" venture into cyberspace. Thus the built-in hyperlink. The version available at that website is protected to prevent accidental destruction of working parts. This version is not, so if you happen to enjoy reading code, you can have a look.

Potential Improvements

A previous iteration of this program which relied much more on string manipulation in Excel itself did have one nice feature that this one lacks: the ability to add just one more value as a hint, if you happen to be stuck. Of course the trade off was a speed factor of about 4, so there you have it.

I suppose if there was a public clamour for it, I would also add a "brute force" option box so that it could solve each and every valid sudoku puzzle.

Another Solver

sudoku solver
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Matt Quinn sent along this version of a sudoku solver, which is also a logic-only solver, and has a hints feature and a load of other buttons. It's a more muscular program than mine, for sure, more code, faster solve, more complete logic. Makes me jealous and now I have to fix mine up some...


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