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This program was written by Kirk Bolen.

Four different version of video poker -- "10s or Better", "Double Bonus", "Jacks or Better", and "Deuces Wild". I'm not much of a gambler myself, but I bet you'll enjoy it!

What I found interesting about this game from a programming standpoint was the difference between how Kirk displayed cards and how it was done in Carlos Rondão's programs. Carlos used pictures to represent each card, but Kirk has the cards represented just as text and different colored cells.

The VBA modules are unlocked and ready for your inspection, if you are into that kind of thing. The code is fairly simple and, so to speak, manually connected to the spreadsheets. Lots of '[I18] = ""' type statements, in other words. The cool factor for Excel geeks is the use of conditional formats for animation type effects, as in how the program highlights the payoffs based on the number of credits. Good examples to review if you are a beginning Excel VBA programmer, I think...

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This program was written by skIP of PBR Computers

Just one version of video poker in this file, but done with pretty graphics and sound effects. Not the best choice for the office, in other words!


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Ishmar: Cooool
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-1': 1
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-1': 1
Boo Boo: cards are automatically "Held" you just discard the ones you don't want.. Click Discard.
Pat: how do u "hold" the cards?
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-1': 1
anonimus: cool
Sean: Great game im gonna give it another play </body></html>
HARSH KUMAR BHARDWAJ: I LIKe this site i often play these games i cant tell but i like most of the games
skIP: Nice use of formulas
Nick: For the table, did u have to create a form on vba. if not how did u make the deal, new, and coin command buttons?
Kalaivanan: This games are very very useful to us
Woot: nice gambling at skool =)
cdog75: You need to fix it!!! 10s or better only counts 10s, jacks or better only counts jacks, and dueces wild dueces aren't wild for flushes. Get it right!!!!
Gogo: Thank you for all the games guys!
hectified: Deuces wild doesn't count deuces for flushes at all unless it is actually the correct suit. It's impossible to get a wild straight flush like the pay table shows.
trc: Would be nice if on Jacks or Better, it would pay out for pairs of Jacks, Queens,Kings & Aces
Dk: its good
travis: Nice job on the site. Thank you for your hard work and I support this type of site.
Mongo: Mongo like anthill and poker game!!!
johnnie: I have just discover the world of games on excel. I wonder if you have any arcade games done?
rich: getting a pair of face cards in jacks or better doesn't pay off
Frank: Frequently on the duces wild poker, when you use two wild cards in a flush it counts it as 3 of a kind instead

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