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Tower of Hanoi
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This program was contributed by skIP Ulinski of PBR Computers

Move the Tower of Hanois from one peg to another, classic puzzle game. Run with up to 8 disks.


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Anubhav Trivedi: What is the VBA password?
Desmond: Actually it's 585 billion years 2 to the 64th power with 64 disks moving 1 a second.
berhat: No Tom, you're thinking of 100 disks moving at 1 disk per second.
tom: lol you really need it to go up to 8 disks. I seem to remember that if you make a correct move ever second for 7 disks it takes like a thousand life times to complete
jay : i can understand the instruction
jake: well crafted and very clean! thanks
Czzre: How you move mak disk

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