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This program was written by me.

To make a short story long: one of the reasons I put the google search box on this site is because it also gives me a report on what people search for (after not finding it here.) One of the things not found here was "Text Twist", which I didn't know what that was. So I looked to see what that was and thought, "I could program that!"

The game is to take a 6 letter word (letters scrambled), and try to find all possible 3, 4, 5 and 6 letter words using those letters. The play goes just in the textbox on screen -- "enter" uncovers the word (if it's there) and clears the textbox for the next attempt.

With regard to the programming: I've written other Excel modules to do unexpected things with words, so I had a good long word list at hand. I dug that up, scrambled the 6 letter words, and use the built-in spell checker to generate the words for each game. That takes roughly 30 seconds to generate a set on my machine.

This version was built in roughly 2-3 hours. There are things I am not completely satisfied about. First, it takes too long to generate the sub-words. Second, to simplify things I left out all words with repeating letters. Third, since it relies on spellcheck to generate words, it sometimes includes some pretty dubious choices.

All of those, plus ranking of difficulty, could be fixed by storing the sub-words along with the clue. But that would take a lot of memory, so what the heck, I'm leaving it as is.


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-12345a': 12345a
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pawpaw: nice!!!
1: -1'
-1': 1
john: button for mixing the letters up
Howly Von Ashtar: WIN!!!
1: -1'
-1': 1
viay: sdsa
chinnybeer: not bad, would like source code for similar in C. Any ideas where i can find?
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palak: nice game
Satish: When have u programmed this? It doesnt have new words ...! ny..gud program!
jhen: source code please?
jhay: how create game from excel
Ian: It's too difficult
_';cArLa_@: I Like your Game......,,he.he.he
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erkan: hello From Turkey, can we change this game in Turkish mode
Al E. Baba: It doesn't work for me.
Vince Young: Great game. Hook 'em Horns!!
bry: its not working... it says macros are not working..
al: very nice program and site. i'm taking a course on VB in the fall, so hopefully i'll have a few submissions for here later on.
bob: cool

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