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stones of power
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This program was written by Justin Baker, of nisovin.

Not entirely a working game. As Justin explains it, "...I made [it] about two years ago. I had big plans for this at the time, I was going to have five different levels and all sorts of cool things. Then I decided I didn't feel like it, but I still have this first level. It's a complete puzzle RPG, it's just that it's very "blocky", given that it's all done within an Excel worksheet. The source code is completely open."

Worth exploring if you're interested in an example of moving an RPG character around an Excel sheet using the arrow keys. To me, that's pretty neat. What do you think?


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Jelle Wietsma: download the dutch version jellewie.weebly.com/uploads/6/0/4/1/6041637/stenen_van_power.xls
Jelle Wietsma: if you meen the one who is copying you, hoe have to click to move next to him
vit: how can i get the blue key?????
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-1': 1
Jelle Wietsma: see my website jellewie.weebly.com (you got a mail to)
Tibo: Jelle Wietsma can you sent a e-mail whit your dutch version???? (tibo.lebeggersca@gmail.com)
Jelle Wietsma: (hint) it is not possible to move more than one column and to move more than one row
Jelle Wietsma: if you want to pass jimmy (I already did) here's a tip, clicking help (somehow)
Simon: Please - for my own sanity, help me bypass Jimmy's house. Oh and please complete the game. Love Simon
Jelle Wietsma: jimmy's house tip,, just click ;)
Ariya Kuroriozu: It's so interessting, my favorite game here except chess
gammogames: how do i get in jimmy's house?
Jelle Wietsma: it's is going very well, but i am stuck at making level 2
Jelle Wietsma: it's great, I'm working on translating into Dutch, you must finish it!, blocks are so 2010!!
Mark: Great game!!! Finish it!
Mark: Great game!!! Finish it!
Me: How do you get the blue key?
pipi: mamina pièka
Koopa Troopa: Great game! Thanks Nisovin - was wondering if you can provide a walkthrough? Cheers Koopa 13/01/2010
Caleb: Pretty cool, i defo like. need moar levlz
Ashish: How to play it?
Powerpointpro: It's impossible to get the blue key when Jimmy is blocking it!
Fantix: I finished the game but i did it in spanish, i add a store, modified the money, and corrected some errors, and made it a little bit more intersting, if someone wants it, email me at otrok.smuli@seznam.cz, bye
nicolez: labshu..
Ralph: Bring the next levels! this is like the first Zelda hahaha
michael : great game wish it was finished!!
James Wayland: I spend all my day, every day playing this game.
nisovin: I actually made a level two soon after I made level one. It's completable, but still has several bugs and many unfinished features. I may submit it anyway.
Richard: If anyone wants a walkthrough e-mail me mr_random_person@hotmail.com
Dave: Brilliant game! I think we should start a petition for the author to finish it.
Lisa: I love this game, it's a shame there's no more levels
Nick: Cool game... sucks that there's no second level.
Owen: Very cute game concept. Too bad the author didn't finish it, I would have enjoyed playing it to the conclusion.

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