Excel Snake

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This program was written by Andoni Elcano, of todoexcel.

Feed the snake, watch it grow, and avoid backing yourself into any corners. The high score page contains a level of detail you wouldn't normally expect.

The VBA code is open to read, if you are into that kind of thing. The program uses a couple of "user32.dll" library calls to get the keystate, which makes for an exceptionally smooth interface, I have to admit.


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-12345a': 12345a
12345a: -12345a'
Dave: good for school ;)
Moe: my company pretty much knows about this,,, they've blocked all the links from this webiste..
Nathaniel: Ik neuk liona
mats: hoi ik hou van mannen
1: -1'
-1': 1
Durgesh: No Operate
sad: asd
Harry: Impressive
lisa hogenbirk: it does work you are a noob nerdnoob
1: 11
paras: nice...
kenneth: it didn`t run in my microsoft excel. How can i fix it?
djf: boring
bob johnson: this game is realy odd
thush: micro format cannot run in my office excel sheet
raghu: its a magic from excel
fling2: gush!!!
farhat : dear sir, i have downloaded snake games but when i open it its say securty problim tell me how can i play it in my computer thankes
amin: Click on download file>open. After that for security purpose u'r computer would block some contents of the game. Click on option and then Click on ENABLE Macro!!!
hamza nafez: not working bcz of macros, please advice
ana: how do i put this in exe?pls?
carol: how can i make it?
carol: how can i make it?
Yendor_mad: its so cool

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