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This program was written by Carlos Rondão.

How does he do it? Carlos submits another lovely little game. Good graphics and animation, VBA, however, is password protected. Better payouts than Vegas or any other casino, I didn't lose a dime! Though if you do not do as well, you can always reset the credits to 20. Enjoy!


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Previous Comments:

-12345a': 12345a
12345a: -12345a'
1: -1'
-1': 1
1: -1'
-1': 1
C: search VBA password to unlock the code; for the spreadsheet use 0b3b3b1b1b5b1
C: password is atitude
skIP: Grrrreat job on the spinning wheels.
nok: thanks u
naren: no comments
japseye: hey CR any chance of a battlefield 2142 port?
CR: Well I did it for Bejeweled...but...I dont think I will do it again... sorry
Bored at Work: Hey Carlos any chance you want to divolge the password

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