Excel Pong

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This version of the program was written by Meir Bogot.

I've always been terrible at this game. If the "Start" button doesn't work for you (hint: double click), you can run the program by hitting F8 and choosing "StartProgram". Further, you can actually read the code on this one, providing much illumination if you had been puzzled by how to get things to move around the screen in Excel. Nice!

WARNING: This game will mess with your arrow keys -- to the extent that the left/right arrows will reload the file after you've closed it. Exit (and re-enter) Excel to break the cycle...


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Previous Comments:

Nilesh Kotak: wonderful game in excel.i can say no words to describe...........
-12345a': 12345a
12345a: -12345a'
1: -1'
-1': 1
1: -1'
-1': 1
1: -1'
-1': 1
1: -1'
-1': 1
hard really hard: hi
brad: CALLING ALL GAMERS im hosting a quick scoping lobby msg me for invite
snopper: i pooped myself
KW: If we had this stuff when we were in school, we would have gotten caught too!!!
shri: the game
nishant: i want learn how to create excel game
tards: its funny to see kids saying that they aren't doing anything wrong when clearly they should be doing school work. whats wrong with students today?
pissant: you just lost the game
rand: visual basic for applications press alt+f11 in excel
matt: whats the pw to unlock
bob: Awesome! Nice game.
adik.fn: how to make this game???
I love this site: EVERYTHING IS SO COOL! I DIDNT KNOW, that you even can make these things with excel! We have math tomorrow... I will play them all ;)
nikhil: hey can u tell me how did u make dis game????
user: yeah, we play this at skool and the teachers go mad because we're not downloading games so we arent doing nething wrong
Name:: wth u have to download
japseye: yeah
i am pissed off: this web site dozent work

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