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Pipe Dream
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This version of the program was written by Justin Starry.

Once you hit the start button, the clock begins. Lay out a route for the goo to follow. Helpful hint: the next piece to play comes off the bottom of the queue, not the top. The VBA code is open for your inspection, although completely uncommented, for which Justin seemed apologetic. Personally, I say cool game, so no worries about the documentation! Enjoy.


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yuppicide: Wonder if my problem is related to my old, slow PC at work? I'll have to try this at home when I get a chance. My temporary solution is to play fast (short lines (rather than long, more score) to complete the level), before it gets a chance to freeze, but even then it still might freeze at any time. I think there's only 7 levels though, because that's all I got to when the game ended.
yuppicide: One of the better games here since it works, and doesn't look too flashy and may not draw as much attention to the screen. Still, I only use it when nobody is around. The only problem is every now and then it randomly stops responding. I was having a good game some of those times too!

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