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This is a game based on a British television quiz show. You are given 6 numbers and a limited amount of time to add, subtract, multiply, and divide them to get to a target value. It takes a very limited amount of time to play, and is surprisingly fun.

Play takes place in the boxed cells. Be warned that the "/" character does not automatically type in, so far as I can tell. Seems to take me to the file menu.

The game show version gives you 30 seconds. I recommend starting with 35 or 40 seconds to give yourself time to get used to the controls. Once you get used to them, you can lower the time allowed to make it more challenging.

The game is surprisingly compact as well -- I didn't bother to include a zipped version because it is already so small.

Potential Improvements

Known "bugs": In the operands column, typing in "/" does not get you the division symbol, so you have to use your mouse. Typing in "+" means you have to hit return or it will assume you want to select a cell to add it. And if you leave off an operand, it strings the two numbers together. (This is a problem, if you were trying to get to "7 + 2" and instead ended up with "72".)

Future development would be to add a "in your face" routine if you don't come particularly close to the target. That is, in addition to giving you your score, it would also show you a different combination of the numbers which comes closer to (or exactly to) the given target.

Another Version

numbers game
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Colin Cooper liked the game but wanted something he could leave open in the office, so he put together this alternate version. Also far prettier than mine, I have to admit!

Another Version

numbers game
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Robin Glynn of Glynn Consulting liked the game but not the interface, so he put together this alternate version. Far prettier than mine, I have to admit!


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