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This program was written by me.

The game is to guess the secret 5 letter word, or an anagram of the word. All 5 letters are different, and so 'quilt' is a legitimate choice, but 'queen' is not. The game gives you up to 20 guesses.

With regard to the programming: Most of the game play is in excel formulas, not VBA. There's one macro to clean up the sheet and select a new word, and some Worksheet_SelectionChange to let you make notes of which letters are ruled out, but the check for if you've gotten the right answer, etc., is all just formula. The worksheet is protected to prevent you cheating, but not password protected if you want to explore the underlying stuff.


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mlzvgeqrho: USA
skIP: The fun with this game are the formulas you used, very creative!
yqjlpxgd: USA
Amelia Airhart Jounior: This game is stinky you need hefty (ha ha) but seriously this is not fun, no way hose' i dont see the point in it. i would rather pull out eyelashes out with a needle sticking through my finger!
Confused: how the hell do you play?
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