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Deal or No Deal
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This program was written by me.

Based on the tv game show, select a case, then consider whether or not to take the deal at each step. It's mostly based on formulas, with a bit of VBA for set-up and game play. The VBA was mostly a chance for me to toy with the difference between Worksheet_Calculate and Worksheet_Change, eventually settling on Worksheet_Calculate. And yes, the resulting code is somewhat messy. But the game works, and if you like to image yourself winning some reasonable percentage of the expected value of a set of highly skewed random numbers, you might enjoy it.


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Previous Comments:

Justo: I'm not getting th epop up after 1st round.. so how to proceed ?
-12345a': 12345a
12345a: -12345a'
1: -1'
-1': 1
mememiah: @tester: i think your computer is blocking some features. Enable all options first. There's an option bar just above the fields.
Sushil Dutt: i dont how to play...
cali: ok i have no idea how u use this thing
tgykldr: how do you use it?????????????????
tester: I don't get the popup
ftdqubdrxad: USA
rlneaisu: USA

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