Excel Dog Race

Dog Racing
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This program was written by skIP of 1PBR. Pick a dog, and see if you're lucky. Stay away from "Slow Moe", though, if you want my advice. Be warned: there are sound effects!


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Dahra: nice one
ramakant: best
Dog = ur mum: SH!T Gam3
aasdf: asdf
akshay kumar: 500million are u crazy vijay kumar gone sick
vijay kumar: i will teach u pay me $500millon dollars 9742708583
Salman khan: Hey Chill-ex!! why the fuck you need that!!!?
S prem Kumar: Am Very Sorry Am in Pilot batch for Excel Learning
Lokesh Somani: How Can creat excel game Please tell Me (lokeshsomani10@gmail.com)
Lokesh: can i knw how to create game in excel........
Parvez: can i knw how to create game in excel........(parvezmalek286@gmail.com) please send me game code...thaning you...
lucy: nice
akram: i want really play in this
chris: update
chris: updated sound
skIP: Ferd, go to your local racetrack and tell them you won. They will pay you.
Ferd Williams: I bet on Hercules and he won! Where do I get my winnings?
skIP: Just copy the file "Dog Racing SUPER Long Track.xls" AND the Sounds FOLDER to your USB.
katherine: how can you save it in a usb?so that i can bring it anywhere? is that possible? boy, im dumb!
KikoManzon: can I ask for tutorial? I wanted to learn how to make a very good game such as this one ^^
babloOOo: how to play this game
blah: I like this game a lot

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