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This program was written by Carlos Rondão.

If you've ever asked yourself, "I wonder what the Portugese word for 'Zuma' is?", now you have your answer! Good graphics and animation. One of these days I'm going to convince Carlos to give me his password, so I can read the VBA code on these games of his. Loads of fun to play, probably impossible for the color-blind.


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-12345a': 12345a
12345a: -12345a'
hesham: bravo
npfenxeycwe: USA
Eric@CN: Thanks. I got the source code from it. Within seconds : )
Eric@CN: Thanks. I got the source code from it. Within seconds : )
ABC: I need the 2007 version!
sochan: good
raza: nice
Khulood: Can you tell me how you can make like this??Please help me >>send me the way
CR the real one: Well a fake CR?? I will release ( here soon) a new faster version of bejeweled with the pass
tom c: my vote is for bejeweled
CR: Well the results are in. The code will given away for not just one game. I am giving it away for all of them. Thats right, all of them! The password for all the games is, and i bet you will all feel stupid... Carlos is the password! so have fun! dont forget to comment back.
Mark: You're on, Carlos! I'm betting either Tetris or Bejeweled wins...
CR: I tell you what, make a contest for the game that most people want the code, I will give away the code for that one...for real

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