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This program was written by Carlos Rondão.

This is as close as I have seen to a perfect Excel "port" of a computer game. This based on the fact that this is the only Excel game thus far that my daughter has kicked me off of the computer so that she could play it. Good graphics and animation. Loads of fun to play!

Exclusive! Carlos has provided us a version that is unlockable -- password is "ratburger". Explore the inner workings of your addiction! (Wonder why Carlos thinks about ratburgers?)


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-1': 1
Douglas Odo: lolzs , What a Game !! HAHAH
Jodie Breach: Fucking Shit Game. You Wankers
1: -1'
-1': 1
DHS: it wiz gid x
DHS: it wiz gid x
1: -1'
-1': 1
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-1': 1
prakash: nice
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-1': 1
Nebraska: Anyone want to try and convert this to a userform instead of the worksheet? Would like to put something like this in a workbook I have, but without adding another sheet.
mostafa: good
Rain: You can enable the Macros when a warning bar appears below the toolbar of excel. It say's that it disabled some active content because the identity of the game's creator is unknown to Excel thus, suspecting that it may have a virus. Just click the second option which says "Enable Content". Then you can play it.
i hate you: youre rubbish
paul: its not working..!!
Mpenzi: weee.. im really having fun since just very recently the IT blocked has done a PC sweep.. :(
Linz: Works great. Hit Save, save to desk top, then open the game. hooray!
Fizzle: i tried to download it, but it never opened
curdleg: shit wont work
John.HeCarpenter: Oh nice game !Amazing with Excel .LEt's play and discover
carl: best
Karel : Excellent game!!
How do you use the password?: Llama Llama
Llama Llama: how do you use the password?
Leena: How do you enable Macros??
me: something to do with marcos
CR: for now you can download it at, have fun
Skriem: Absolutely LOVE it....but....waiting for version 2007 ( cannot play at work anymore :( )
MaX: Cool!!!!
wrzdnyjf: USA
Sochan: good
CR: Yeah, demolition man, correct, very soon Bejeweled for Excel 2007, I rewrote scroll routines, now very fast even in 2007
drbobsled: 523,800
Abby: It was good, how did you get the hint in?
Anonimous: Dont work. Is says dont have authority (my excel 2009)
ur mom: slow and shet like hell
meh: ratburgers is from demolition man.
lucky: good
rahuf: Super
tino : ik vind miquel leuk en neuk hem graag
dirk: ik neuk gatenkaas en doe alsof de gaten kutjes zijn
MIQUEL: ilias lekker kind ik wil je vader zijn maar dat ben ik al snorrie
bond, james: thx
Carla: Hiya, How Do I Enable Macro ?
ethel ware: This is a cool game
massam: Macro problem, not running
CCogan: Bejeweled won't run; I get a "Permission to use object denied" error.
Gracie: Wow i never knew you could do this in excel i guess its really complex to make right? why is everyone talking out nothing ???/
Moe: Awesome game, works on Office 07 after enabling macros.
Office 97 user: It doesn't work on mine... It says GAME OVER when I open it, and when I click play or hint, it says, "Compile error in hidden module: Shhet1" or something like that. PLZ HELP!
student: find a way to get aversion tht gets past school firewall!
Pratiksha Dedhia: Its very nice... can u pls upload some more puzzle game
sourcecode: mingle great.. and you can get source code just tools-->macros--<visual basic editor-->when asked for PWrat burger
Ashok Das (ADDas): Excelent Game for time pass
Bored at work: lol...just learned how to read
Bored at Work: Hey just out of curiosity how can I tranfer the game to another excel workbook
cheng from Singapore: I Love These Stuffs!
Edwin: EXCELENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wayne: Read the info given password = "ratburger"
hypno: Great game - one of the best Bejeweled's I've played. Thankyou =]
Angie: This is cool:)
badbye: this is amazing, just when thought you knew about excel
CR: Right Joel, we will wait for you to do something better...hehehehe
joel: piece of shit game
teylor soto: you spelled some right bitch
Ralph: Great, well done Carlos! Don't by shy, release your source!
MarianoBR: Mutafreaking Great !!!!
michael: awsome!!!
nhan: I like it
Junior: Password please?
Nil: Can we have the source code please? please!!
Raul: I sure would like to inspect the VBA, no doubt the best game for Excel yet

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